Industrial Products


CONFECTIONERY- A lot of boom in the confectionery industry has happened to bring about a new movement in confectionery packaging. Handling ease, the transparent jars and containers, not to mention their unbreakability have made a powerful impact.

HOME CARE- Home care products like floor cleaners, were earlier the commodities meant for cleaning staff. But with the change in consumer dynamics, a new approach to packaging was mandatory, with housewives becoming the target group for the industry. We have been providing bottles and containers that appealed to the new consumer, along with the various desirable properties of the new packaging system.

Our product highlights:

  • Ease in handling
  • Cost effective light weight bottles – In PET and also in HDPE
  • Visually appealing transparency
  • Unbreakable bottles

LIQUOR-The liquor industry needed a change in their packaging options because glass bottles increased overhead costs in washing, drying and sterilizing the bottles. This included excess freight costs and also the loss of revenue with easy breakage. However, with PET,now managing the packaging of prominent liquor companies like McDowell, IDI and Herbertson to name a few, these costs have not only been drastically reduced, even enhanced features like high UV protection have been introduced in the industry, causing great comfort and ease to the industry.

EDIBLE OIL-Being 100% food grade, endorsed by US-FDA, PET bottles by Kalyani have revolutionized the Food Product industry. Now offering food value protection, lower transportation and labor costs to the manufacturers, the HDPE and PET bottles also offer the consumer the benefit of multiple applications and reuse. Never before has the Food Products industry catapulted to such great heights, offering consumers great desirability of products.

PESTICIDE-The extremely harmful nature of the commodities requires a form of packaging that would be high grade, leak proof, chemical resistant and also a grade of products that would have to withstand the adverse effects in contact with UV rays. These technicalities have necessitated the advent of new packaging processes that revolutionized the Pesticide industry.We offer safe packaging at more cost-effective prices to the entire Pesticide Industry.

PHARMACEUTICALS- In the case of the Pharma industry, it was just not about cost-effective packaging and visual effectiveness, but also safety. Apart from the above, dress codes for workers, allotment of separate rooms for separate activities, personal hygiene, disinfection, medical check-ups,etc. are a regular affair.

FARMING- In the case of the farming sector, we are very proud to say that we had come up with an innovative trap for berry borer bug,which was affecting the coffee crop very badly.

The trap is very easy to use and designed for repeated use.

The trap was procured from us by the Coffee board and distributed to the farmers at subsidised rates. After extensive use, today the menace of berry borer bugs is almost nill , thus benefitting the coffee growers immensely.

We at KALYANI, undertake several fool proof check processes from the raw material stage, right to visual inspection for foreign particles, BFC tests on random products, Weight dimension and wall thickness, closure leak tests and drop impact and top load tests — making the product reaching the consumer, of top and uniform quality.